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Using the Get Job command to Get a List of All Jobs on the SQL Server

The Get Job command helps you to get the information about the files used for the current job. The files that are returned vary with the parameters entered. The most common parameters are those that start with the letter A through J. The Get Job cmdlets have the following options: A Start Job, which starts the first job; As Job, which lists the names of all the active jobs; Start-Up Job, which creates a backup of the desktop and restart the computer immediately when prompted; AutoRun, which starts the next instance of the application without requiring any input from the user. You can also get detailed information about the file that is associated with the job.

get job

The Get Job cmdlets support the Windows Server operating system. The A Stop Job function provides you with the option to stop the specified job even if the process is not terminated in the current session. The A Send Job cmdlet can be used to send the specified job as a backup. The parameters of the As Job function are enclosed in single quotes. The A Current Session parameter is true if the specified job is currently being executed in the current session or not.

The A Process Name parameter is valid for computers that are joined in a domain or managed service. This parameter enables you to specify a specific process to get detailed information about all the processes in the domain or in a specific Active Directory forest. The Process Name parameter has a default value, which is the exact name of the process that is associated with the computer. This parameter is not applicable if you are using computers that run in unattended mode.

The A Background Job Command enables you to find the running processes in the windows server or in the local area network that is connected to the SQL server. The A Background Job Search can be used to search the specified processes for any error or exception. The A Process Name, A Session Name, A Computer name and A Current Session only have a default value when you use them in a Get Job command. You should set the values to appropriate values and create your custom class if you require more detailed information about the specified process. When you create your custom class, you should specify the names of the fields necessary.

The A Background Job Search and A Process Name have a default value of “” when you use them in a Get job search. When you create your own class, you should define the names of the fields necessary. The A Process Name and A Session Name must be specified when you use the parameters of the Get job searches to get job offers.

The A Process Name and A Session Name are the most commonly used parameters in the get-job command gets the list of jobs in the system, while A Computer Name is used to get a more detailed information about the computers on the SQL server. When you use the parameters in the get-job command, the results of the search are returned with all the details that is needed about the running processes. The information about the running processes is important especially when you need to determine the exact time when the job was started.