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What is a Job Vacancy?

job vacancy

A job vacancy is a position or opportunity within an organization that has been made available and that requires recruitment. Vacancies can occur for a number of reasons, including an employee leaving the company, expansion of the business or more manpower required in a particular department. Depending on the reason for the vacancy, the process of filling it may involve advertising, reviewing applications and screening interviews.

In the past, employment opportunities were often localised and passed through family or community networks. This changed with the advent of industrialisation, which introduced a more structured approach to securing work. Job vacancies are now usually published in newspaper ads and on websites.

When a job is advertised, it includes the description of the role and the type of experience and qualifications that are required. It also outlines the salary and benefits offered, along with contact information. This can be helpful for people seeking a specific type of role or for those who want to apply for jobs that are suited to their skills and experience.

Employers are required by law to provide clear and predictable employment conditions. They should make a note of the minimum salary and working hours, as well as any other important information they think might help their potential applicants to decide whether or not to apply for the job. Having all the essential details in place can also help to prevent discrimination against candidates who are not qualified for the role.

Some companies advertise their vacancies on their websites or in the local paper, and others use social media to attract potential candidates. Alternatively, some employees in large companies may ask their colleagues if they know about any opportunities that might be available. The Enquete sur le recrutement, l’emploi et les besoins de formation dans les établissements du Québec (EREFQ; in French only) is conducted by Emploi-Québec and provides quarterly estimates of job vacancies. This survey covers approximately 40,000 businesses in the Quebec region using an InfoCan business list stratified by industry and size, with data collected through a combination of questionnaires and electronic records. The survey primarily collects data on job vacancies but also estimates forthcoming departures, difficulties in filling vacancies and recruitment and training practices.

Other sources of vacancies include the Your Business Outlook Survey, which is conducted by CFIB and publishes quarterly estimates by province and by industry. Another valuable source of vacancy data is the SEPH, which is a monthly time series that collects responses from a sample of businesses across Canada and provides data by occupation, economic region and business size. This series is particularly useful for tracking the evolution of vacancies over time.