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Using the Right Recruitment Source to Promote a Job Vacancy

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Using the right recruitment source to promote a job vacancy is important. A successful job posting process depends on the choice of recruitment source and the layout and design of the job ad. A job ad should be visually appealing and should contain the right information to get potential job candidates to apply for a vacancy.

There are two main sources of job vacancy data in Canada. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIC) provides quarterly estimates of job vacancies. The CFIC’s sample of members is randomly selected each month and includes jobs unfilled for more than four months. These estimates are based on a sample of approximately 2,000 members. The JVWS (Job Vacancy Web Site) sample is also available and is designed to provide information on job vacancies by economic region. The JVWS sample is designed to be a bit more comprehensive, and includes vacancies that have been created as well as those that are upcoming.

The SEPH is also a good source of near real-time job vacancy information, although it is no longer updated. The most recent data released was in November 2019. SEPH is a more stable source of information and is useful for tracking the evolution of vacancy levels in the economy. However, SEPH has a few drawbacks. It doesn’t provide breakdown by National Occupational Classification (NOC), and it is not as comprehensive as the JVWS. SEPH also doesn’t include job vacancy data for all occupations.