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Use an Excel Template to Understand Trends of Vacancies

Job Vacancy is defined as the quantity of available vacant posts, both unfilled and filled, for which an employer is actively involved in the recruitment process such as recruiting, interview, etc from outside his/her business. It also includes both job posts which the aspirant has already been assigned but has not joined the organisation and those which are open and approved only for internal transfers/appointments. Thus, we come across various Job Vacancy indicators which are used to determine the availability of available jobs in a particular period of time.

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Job Vacancy Indicators like -number of job vacancies in a particular year; number of full-time equivalent vacancies; number of permanent staff appointments; number of contractual workers; rate of temporary recruitment; number of advertisement in the media; etc., show trends and indicate changes in the industry. Other important indicators like -share of women in a company, -share of people of a particular age, etc., help us understand the working pattern of a company and its changing priorities. Other related job vacancies indicators are -share of qualified staff with permanent workers, -rate of permanent workers to temporary hires, and -the ratio of permanent to temporary hires. A wide variety of job vacancy indicators are available to choose from.

One common and convenient way of measuring Job Vacancy in every industry is through the use of a monthly job vacancy rate calculator which can be downloaded from the website of The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC). This simple excel template can be used for determining statistical analysis of job vacancies and trend data. After downloading the template, all that is required is to fill in the given fields and click on the submit button. Once done, a report containing the details of the number of job vacancies, analyzed and reflected on the graphic table as well as summary of trends and data will be provided in no time.

Other than using the excel template, a very useful tool to identify the recent trend and data on job vacancies is the job vacancy rate calculator. This is an online tool which can be accessed from the websites of various career and employment service providers. Using this simple tool, anyone can easily estimate the rates of change in the volume of job postings in any industry. Using this excel template, one can analyze data from the last 6 months and forecast the future trends of job vacancy in that time frame.

To calculate the job vacancies rate, just multiply the total number of employed and unemployed people by the current vacancy rate in order to get the statistic. This statistic is helpful in knowing which industries are growing and which ones are contracting. Using it, you can set your eyes on the most lucrative industries that require the most labor and employment. You can also identify industries that have the least number of vacancies.

The economic region that is experiencing more vacancies and growing economy can attract people with lots of offers for work. The growing economy creates a lot of scope for job seekers. These candidates can use the excel spreadsheet to study the trends of these candidates who are looking for a vacant job.