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Steps to Take During Your First 90 Days in a New Job

For those who have just graduated from high school, it can be quite a task to find a new job. The usual procedure would be to apply at the place of employment and wait for further notices. Most companies prefer to hire individuals with a relevant work history and who has been able to maintain a consistent job in the past. In such cases, new job responsibilities will be created for fresher as well as existing employees.

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There are certain guidelines that would make your job search easy and successful. When you start looking for new jobs, it is important to evaluate your situation and look for opportunities that fit your needs. There are several resources which you can consider, especially on the internet. These include message boards where you can interact with colleagues, supervisors and recruiters. You will get ideas from people whom you already know who may have had similar experiences to yours. You can also network with people who have succeeded in their own fields to acquire new skills which can help you land on your dream job.

Another significant step you need to take is to be prepared when you hear about new jobs. Prepare your CV so that you highlight all the important points. This includes your experience, trainings, education, awards, and achievements. A good manager must possess a comprehensive resume that can clearly showcase one’s worth and skills required for the new job.

You must be ready to make new contacts and establish relationships with your colleagues, supervisors, and the new job itself. Your first few months in a new position are the most crucial ones since this is where you will start developing relations and gaining new skills. You should be friendly and polite in every meeting you have with your colleagues. It is during these early days that you form bonds with your colleagues and fellow employees. This will also help you find employment faster.

Your colleagues and supervisors should be warm and welcoming to you, especially the ones who have been employing and supporting you during your previous employment. During your first day at the new job, you should make good impressions by being friendly and polite. Do not greet your colleagues with a “How may I help you?” instead say something like “Good morning, how may I help you?”

On your first days in a new job, do not expect immediate results. You need to build your self-esteem slowly and steadily by consistently doing your tasks well and giving your best performance. Be optimistic and confident as this will build a positive energy among your colleagues and peers. Your goal should be to build a good relationship with your new people.