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How to Dress for Your First Job Interview

How much does it cost to create a new job? The number one cost is the time spent on research and development. A new job replaces old jobs, which depreciate the value of an organization’s capital stock. Creating new positions depreciates the current value of an organization’s capital stock. Thus, creating new positions usually involves more capital outlay and longer period for returning cash. The prime applicant must specifically address the following three metrics:

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New hires replace coworkers who are not compatible with the job. For example, if you are applying for a new position as an engineer, it is imperative that you meet the qualifications of your potential coworkers. The candidates who can best complement your skills and experience are the candidates most likely to accept the offer. Also, in addition to meeting the qualifications of your coworkers, the potential candidate must also prove that he or she will be compatible with the existing employees. Creating a positive environment for your coworkers, and making them feel comfortable about accepting your new position, is an essential part of developing the qualities necessary for creating a positive work environment.

The first job interview you have as an employee is with your fellow co-workers. Your goal in that first meeting is to impress your fellow co-workers that you are eager to be employed by the company. Be certain that you impress your fellow co-workers through your appearance–and by speaking clearly and sincerely about the position. Good oral skills are crucial to obtaining the position. Developing good verbal communication skills is an important part of building a “culture” that reflects positively on you and on the company.

When making your first impressions to your new colleagues, remember to be yourself. Do not over-dramatize or exaggerate your abilities. When meeting with potential employers, be sure to dress appropriately for the role you are applying for. If it is the manager’s first day on the job, consider wearing a suit; however, if it is your first day as a clerk in the back room, consider wearing casual clothes.

One thing you should always remember regarding your new job is that it is an office, and just like other offices, it is necessary to dress professionally. This does not mean that you should not dress within the realm of fashion, but you need to look both smart and professional when making your first impressions to your new colleagues. Keep in mind that the people who will be spending the most time with you are your new colleagues, so make sure to dress accordingly. If it is your first day in the new workplace, consider dressing according to the department the position will fall under.

Your new colleagues will appreciate it if you take some time to personally greet all of your new colleagues, even though you may not know them very well. Consider scheduling one-on-one time with all of your new colleagues. If the managers are in your department, it would be a good idea to sit down with one of your managers for a one-on-one interview; however, this should not be the only place where you meet with your new manager. Meet with all of your colleagues at the workstation or in the hallway outside of your workstation.